Apple’s iOS Update Makes Users Vulnerable to Hackers

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Taking important steps in security, Apple, with the latest update, has once again caused a previously emerged vulnerability. The vulnerability that makes jailbreak possible also threatens user information.

Keeping your iPhone’s software up-to-date is crucial to your phone’s security, but Apple’s latest iPhone update has revived a previously discovered vulnerability that makes it possible to “jailbreak a the phone. According to the news on the Motherboard, this vulnerability makes it easier for malicious software to steal user information.

The vulnerability was first discovered by a Google researcher and patched with Apple’s operating system, version 12.3 of iOS, but the company’s released iOS 12.4 revived the vulnerability.

Stefan Esser, CEO of German-based IT security company Anditd0te, has warned iPhone users to be careful about the applications they download from the App Store until this vulnerability is corrected.

Jailbreak and Vulnerabilities:

According to the Motherboard, a security researcher with the nickname wn Pwn20wned, released a jailbreak for iPhones on Monday. The researcher also said that the vulnerability of iOS 12.4 could be exploited in many different ways. And that malware developers could access Apple’s box sandbox to access stored data on your phone.

Jailbreak is a hacking method that makes it possible to disable Apple’s security margins. This makes it possible to install applications and software that are not authorized by Apple. Jailbreak was once a popular process among users who wanted to go beyond the rules. And limitations of Apple and adjust their phone the way they want.

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