Enigmatic Structure: Richat Formation

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This mysterious structure Richat Formation, described as the “eye of the Earth”, fascinates.

Richat Formation, considered one of the most mysterious formations of the planet, is a geological structure located in the vadane city of mauritania in africa.

Also known as Africa’s eye or Sahara’s eye. As it is seen from space, NASA also calls it the astronaut lighthouse. Because astronauts use this space as the ships use lighthouses during the return of space shuttles. There are even those who call it the eye of the world.

In the middle of the desert, this formation, which looks like a blue eye from space, is about 50 km in diameter and is not noticeable from the ground. It was discovered in 1965 by astronauts Mcdiwitt and White. The blue color at the edges of the formation stems from quartz crystals.

About this incredible formation, which was once thought to have been the result of a meteorite hitting the surface, nowadays, scientists reject their previous views and think that it was the result of erosion.The sides of the structure consist of sedimentary rocks, while the circular structures in the middle consist of basalt and volcanic stones.

It is still unclear how it occurs


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