Solar Energy Spheres: Future of Solar Energy

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Solar energy spheres will allow us to benefit 50% more from the sun

About six years ago, future scientist Ray Kurweil predicted that in 20 years, solar technology would reach the point where it could meet all of the world’s energy needs. About solar energy spheres, Kurwell’s estimation is not impossible, given that the world will receive within an hour the energy that people spend in just one year. But now, even the most enthusiastic supporters of this prediction are not willing to finance this brilliant vision.

German architect André Broessel developed a new model to increase the efficiency of solar energy. This model, designed as a sphere, aims to use solar energy more efficiently. The Betaray system is not considered a revolution but is still an important step. Thanks to the giant sphere, it is possible to collect scattered sunlight concentrates even in the gray sky where the moon occurs or on a cloudy day.

Betaray follows the sun to maximize the level of light striking it. It collects 70 percent more solar energy using rotating dual-axis solar tracking compared to fixed photovoltaic panels. This ratio is equal to the most efficient Photovoltaic Energy systems on the market.

According to Juris Kalejs, Betaray can be very useful but the cost will also be high.

Brossel thinks he will find funding for his system within three years. This project will become an open source that can be used by everyone if it doesn’t get its patent soon.

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